Thanks But No Thanks album
Son CD040 / June 2007

Welcome to the new album from East Anglian hip-hop legends, Def Tex. Possibly the only hip-hop group in the world who are still going strong after over 20 years together, this record amply demonstrates the band’s maturity, both musically and lyrically and serves as a reminder of how powerful this music can be when its done right.

From the amped-up Roots-ical funk of opener ’What The?’ through to barnstorming state-of-the-world protest anthem ‘Tempest’, emcees Chrome and The Anthropologist take the bullshit by the horns and dropkick it out the ring.

Be it the bloated self-indulgence of a society drowning in debt (‘Thanks But No Thanks’), the wrong-headed craziness of so many of the political decisions taken in our name (‘Tempest’), the self-defeating evils of apathy and depression (‘These Days’, ‘Crazy Dog’), or simply celebrating the joys of the simple things in life (‘Freaks’, ‘Village Idiot’ ‘Late Saturday Night Joint’), this record has something to say, and it says it loud and clear and with passion.

Add to that the finest slice of narrative pulp fiction since Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story’ (‘Run’ featuring DPF), plus a wicked DJ track (‘Time Lord’) sounding like Herbie Hancock’s classic ‘Rockit’ given a 21st century re-boot and you know you’re in the hands of real professionals, equally at home with the tight, spiky funk that they produce as a self-contained band or the hard-as-nails electronic productions served up elsewhere here by Hungry Ghost and R-Key.

Def Tex may not be sexy, cool, or new. But they’re right. Plus they got more skill, range, soul, honesty and insight than we’re used to hearing these days. For that we should give our thanks.

Def Tex are:

The Anthropologist: vocals/production
Chrome: vocals/production
Sure Delight: turntables/production
Junya: drums/production
Owen Turner: bass/production
Chris Cooper: keys/production

All tracks produced by Def Tex
Except ‘Thanks But No Thanks’ produced by Hungry Ghost & Junya
‘Village Idiot’ produced by The Anthropologist
‘Late Saturday Night Joint’ & ‘Crazy Dog’ produced by R-Key